ElastoFlake relining material

Until now, the industry didn’t have a durable relining material for plastic pipes. That’s why we developed ElastoFlake – to meet the challenges of plastic drain and sewer pipe renovation.

ElastoFlake is a polymer plastic material that creates a seamless and durable new surface inside most pipe materials. What’s more, there’s no risk of damage to any existing building structures when you apply it.

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Cleansing pipeline

Drying pipeline

Relining of the pipes

The pipe relining process in a nutshell



First a camera is inserted into the pipeline to inspect the current condition. The pipes are then cleaned mechanically and rinsed with water to flush out all dirt and impurities.



After cleansing, the pipeline is desiccated with an air blower and then inspected again to ensure it’s thoroughly dry and there are no tears or punctures. Any punctures are patched and repaired before continuing.



After the pipeline has passed the inspection, it is relined with enough ElastoFlake to achieve a minimum coating of 3 mm. The pipeline is inspected again by camera and the results are documented to ensure the outcome is seamless, consistent, and free from irregularities.

Create a durable new surface in pipes